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ADDAlyze 360

New generation of 360 degree feedback systems

Advantages of the system ADDAlyze 360 for a client

System ADDAlyze 360 online provides clients with maximum comfort by:

  • Providing the whole logistic by the company ADDA Consultants, the client only fills in the prepared form on the web site of our company.
  • After proceeding of results the client receives individual reports in printed or electronic version.
  • On client´s demand we do all the necessary changes in the form, for example adding or removing the assessed competencies.
  • Evaluation method presented this way is perceived by the assessors as an objective one. They trust more the anonymity and their evaluations are usually more open and true than when presented by an inner system within their own company.
  • Competencies are completed and revaluated by specialists so the client always works with actual competency model.

Each 360 project is assigned to a professional guarantee dealing with all the demands of the client and being responsible for quality of the whole project.

Addalyze 360 as a project

360 degree feedback online

Your project in steps:

1. Preparation

  • Selection of evaluated competencies
  • Compiling an inventory
  • Consultations on implementation of the 360 for HR employees
  • Workshop for the assessed persons and assessors

If a client has created his/her own competency model with behavioural manifestations to individual competencies, these will be used in the 360 system (Quotation – Alternative 1).

If necessary we elaborate competency model for the purpose of realisation of 360°evaluation and behavioural manifestations (inventory´s items) (Quotation – Alternative 2). Selection of items is consulted with the client to ensure the inventory is focused on key aspects of competencies and is in accordance with the company´s strategy.

In case a client in not interested in using competency model bespoke we created Leadership ADDA Inventory (Quotation – Alternative 2) focused on key skills and qualifications needed for successful leading of people in marked environment. Using of this alternative is more effective for a client in respect of time needed for preparation of the project and at the same time it is more budget priced.

Very important phase of inventory preparation is checking comprehensiveness and unified understanding of items´ meaning. Only this way of creating an inventory can bring maximum effect to the client and the assessed manager.
One of the most important criteria of successful implementation of 360 is training of all the people involved. Assessors, assessed ones as well as managers have to understand clearly what is expected from them and what they are responsible for in this process. Workshop for the assessed ones and for assessors supports motivation to responsible approach to the whole process.
Our company is experienced in implementation of this tool in several companies and we have prepared some supportive materials for clients to make this communication easier.

2. Evaluation process

  • Nomination of assessed persons
  • Nomination of assessors
  • Creation of on-line forms for a client
  • Distribution of access codes for assessed ones and assessors
  • Filling in forms through the Internet within defined period

In this phase a client gets access codes to the system ADDA 360 Online enabling him/her log in the system and fill in the prepared electronic forms.

3. Outputs and their use

  • Creating of individual reports
  • Creating of a summary report and its presentation to the client

During this phase a client is provided with individual reports usable according to goal of the whole project. Providing feedback focused on development of the assessed one is a very important and sensitive step for successful implementation of the 360 system in an organization and for its use in the future. The feedback is presented to the assessed persons by our consultants or we can involve into the process internal consultants or superior managers. Summary results of the 360 are possible to present to the client also in the form of a workshop focusing on developmental priorities resulting from the evaluation.

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